Goth as fuck B)

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Jul 25
Just got my Plack Blague shirt and 7” in the mail! They even threw in some extra patches! :)

Just got my Plack Blague shirt and 7” in the mail! They even threw in some extra patches! :)

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Work that bone, drive it in. B)

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Jul 15
Carlos’  Tupac shrine

Carlos’ Tupac shrine

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I love how spacey and groovey this shit is! :)

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Jul 09

Anonymous said: ok im confused if there is no such thing as genetic gender than why is it people can use dna testing to find out the gender of a person? and why is it that when it comes to illnesses there are some diseases that effect people who are female assigned but not male assigned? i hope this isn't trans misogynist but im just trying to figure it out. like if gender wasnt in the genes then how does dna and gender based medical care work? or is the medical community inherently trans misogynist?


the medical community inherently trans misogynist

the medical community inherently racist

the medical community inherently classiest

the medical community inherently ableist 

the medical community inherently sexist 

It’s funny you should say that the medical community is inherently ableist, because if it weren’t for the medical community, I wouldn’t have a bad ass prosthetic leg with microchips and bluetooth. I wouldn’t have had a male nurse that would come in and talk to me about the Legend of Zelda when I was healing from a throat dilation gone wrong. I wouldn’t have had a wisecracking prosthetic technician who would constantly challenge me by making adjustments to my legs to force me to walk in a manner that was most healthy for my back. I could go on and on and on about how fucking stupid you are, but I’ll leave it at that. You politically correct bourgeois scum have no place in social justice. 

Jul 08


Guys this Hannah . Her Instagram is _ lemeeoww_
on the 4th she went missing from the Toronto Warped Tour event . Please if you have seen her anywhere contact the police at (416-808-2200) or her cousin on Instagram . Please signal boost this and help her home .

Here’s a signal boost! Let’s find this girl alive!

Jul 08

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